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Information for Parents of children starting school in September 2020

We are very sad we are unable to have our usual transition activities in the summer term,  Our Year 6 children were very worried and wanted to reassure the children that will be joining us in Reception in September.  They have made a short film to show the school and welcome our new children.  We are looking forward to meeting you all!

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Information for Parents of children starting school in September 2020


Starting school in September 2020

We know that it has been a very peculiar time since March 2020. To help welcome our new children to our Reception class we have the following plans in place.  Some plans may be adapted dependiing on what the current advice is on social distancing as thing may have relaxed somewhat by September 2020.  The main aim  is to welcome your children to St Micahel's  ensuring they have the best start to their life at school and feel safe and happy.

The week commencing 7 September we plan to hold the transition sessions that would usually have taken place in the summer term. Once the children are settled we will be  discussing the Book Shhh!  We have a Plan by Chris Haughton.  We will be sending this home as part of the transition pack we will give each family in July 2020 as part of welcoming children to our reception class. 

 This ia a book that can be shared through looking carefully at the images and discussing them

One of the things I have been trying with my books is to tell stories as much as possible through images rather than through wordsChris Haughton

We love this book becuse it is deliciously funny and instantly retellable. Three hunters fail spectacularly to capture the vibrantly coloured bird. And then...the littlest one tries something different, with unexpected results. Children will learn there is more than one way to solve a problem and that sometimes you just have to listen.


We will also be sharing and discussing the book Mixed by Aree Chung