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First Day of Year 5 and 6 Residential

We kicked off our stay with a lesson in bed-making. Some of us were better than others..... Full marks to Amy for helping out the rest of her room-mates. Don't let any of them tell you they can't make their own bed though, they all got there in the end.
Team building activities varied between the two groups, with a focus in communication, cooperation and concentration. We crossed mine fields, moved barrels and made our way around mazes blindfolded (with help from our partners).

Everyone enjoyed a hearty lunch with soup, a choice of main courses and fruit or yoghurt.
After lunch both groups had a go at the 'High adventure - leap of faith', scaling a tree or pole and leaping off to catch a trapeze. Everyone made it to the top, with several children really pushing themselves to achieve that goal. Routes down varied from a shuffle to aerial acrobatics and quite a few successful attempts at catching the trapeze.
Then it was off to the Witches Tree, a vast and venerable old tree, which we explored using all our senses, and a set of mirrors.
There are extensive grounds here so lots of energy has been used up in energetic play during free time outside. Dinner is at 5:30, followed by a night walk at 7:30 and hot chocolate at 9pm, by which time we hope to have induced at least a little tiredness for bedtime.

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