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Some families are setting up meetings using Zoom as a way for theur children to keep in contact with their friends.  Below is information on how to set these meetings up safely.  The document below  from the police which warns about ‘zoom bombing’ and the need for the security settings to be correct.

Some websites with useful resources on computing


Games that develop children’s programing skills


Scratch is an excellent resource that encourages children to develop the ability to program creatively

BBC Own it app

OWN it app image

The link below gives a really helpful overview of this app which is particularly useful for children getting their first mobile phone which often happens in year 5 and 6.


The Own It app comes with a special keyboard. This can be used like any other keyboard, but it also gives you helpful tips and friendly advice as you write!

  • Track how you feel and improve your wellbeing.
  • Packed full of gifs and emojis to help express yourself!
  • Lots of fun quizzes, videos and articles to enjoy.

Best of all, the Own It keyboard and app is personal to you. Everything you type is kept completely private, and never leaves the Own It app on your phone.

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Thinkuknow: keeping your child safe online while they are off school 

think uknow

Thinkuknow is the national online safety education programme from CEOP, the online child protection command of the National Crime Agency.

Thinkuknow helps parents, carers, teachers and others keep children safe from sexual abuse, offering learning activities, advice and support for children and young people aged 4-18 and their families.

While school is closed, below are things  you can do to keep your child stay safe while they are learning and having fun online.

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