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Tollesbury Essex - Year 5 and 6 Residential

Day one


An eventful start but a great journey up to Tollesbury and a bonus boat ride to the ship as the tide was high and the path under water!


We quickly settled our bags, made our own sandwiches for lunch and got on with some team building games. With team names like the Tollesbury Titans how could we fail? Turns out these games are trickier than they look and required an awful lot of listening, something we need to work on for next time!


We climbed through a rope spider web, crossed an 'acid bog' using only planks and crates, passed golf balls through an obstacle course without touching them and managed to move ourselves from one space to another using only carpet mats.

Day two


A very early start this morning after a windy night. We missed most of the rain and managed to get a session on the climbing wall as well as touring the lightship and becoming experts on the history of the Trinity!


We had  a lovely lunch including cake and a song as part of a birthday celebration of one of the children.


Then we headed out on the powerboats for an adrenaline fuelled afternoon! Everyone had a go at driving the boats while the wind and waves did their best to soak us through.


There were hot showers all round, perfect Pizza for dinner and then a brain bending quiz to wear us out before bed...we hope!


Day Three

A lovely day in the sunshine today, armed with suncream we set out for some archery and high ropes which turned some of the grown up legs to jelly! The children learnt how to work together to get a group up on a very high and very small platform and showed wonderful trust in holding on to one another as they leaned out over the edge!

On the way back to the ship we were chased by the tide and had to piggyback our way across the flooded path. Many thanks to the instructors who tirelessly ferried us back and forth getting their feet very wet but keeping the children nice and dry.

After another delicious dinner we visited the ship and had a surprise visit from Mrs Philips! (Not a surprise for the teachers we planned it carefully.)  Together we played some games on the field and finished the evening with a multitude of card games and magic tricks!

Here's hoping for fine weather for our full day sailing tomorrow! 

Miss Walter and Mr Hamer

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