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Welcome to St Michael’s Community Primary School, located in the village of Withyham. We are a small, happy school with the philosophy that, young or old, we are all learning and growing together. St Michael's is a really special place, we value spending time outside and using the world around us to inform our learning.  I have taught in many schools, but the importance of the natural world and how this supports our learning and well-being is something distinct and special about this school.  If our children are happy and settled, they will be successful learners and achieve high standards.

As you walk into the school you will pass pots of plants growing, we carefully plan and care for these, making sure they have every opprtunity to grow and thrive. These represent the very essence of St Michael's. We have the most wonderful school grounds and believe that outdoor learning and play are fundamental to well-being.  We have a dedicated staff team that strive to achieve the best educational outcomes for all children, whatever their starting points.

We take children from the local village of Withyham as well as further afield from Crowborough, Tunbridge Wells and Cowden.  Children are fortunate to begin their journey into school in a small  Reception class spending some time with year 1 children. Nurture is at the heart of all we do at St Michael's and the small class sizes allow us to be child-centred from the moment your child begins school with us. We have four classes, arranged as follows:

Acorn Class- Reception 
Elm Class- Year 1/2
Silver Birch Class- Year 3/4
Oak Class- Year 5/6

Our mixed-age classes add to our family atmosphere at school. We have a buddy system where Year 6 children look after Reception children when they start school and the children always remember this friendship as they move through the school. Children look forward to this responsibility when they are in year 6.  We carefully plan activities to meet the needs of our mixed age classes which is why every class is allocated time with a Teaching Assitant.

Supporting Lifelong Learning

Reading - We hugely value reading as this is the gateway to lifelong learning.  One of the priorities our PTA annually support is ensuring we have new exciting high quality books in every class.  

Writing- Our approach to imaginative play links into practical activities that help children to be inspired to produce high quality writing and share their thoughts and ideas.  

Mathematics- We also provide mathematcial equipment to so children begin seeing concrete mathematical ideas that can then be translated into a.pictorial idea.  As teaching develops and children move through the school these  concrete and pictorial approaches  are expressed through numbers and algebra.

Pupil Voice

We have a School Council who are involved in making decisions about how we run the school, we are particularly looking at how we can develop imaginative play outside.  More information about this may be found on our OPAL web page. Pupil Voice is important to us all, and the School Council regularly feed back ideas from Class Councils in which all children participate.

I look forward to meeting you to tell you more about life at St Micahel's .

Catherine O'Shea Head Teacher


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In the first instance all queries can be directed to Ms D Udell

St Michael's Community Primary School, Withyham
Station Rd 
East Sussex 

Tel: 01892 770307
Fax: 01892 771099

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