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Oak Class (Year 5 and 6) Topic Webs 2019-20

The children conducted several experiments in the Autumn Term as part of a unit on forces with a focus on working scientifically, recording results accurately, and only changing one variable throughout testing. In this experiment, the children were investigating what materials, size, and shape of the parachute would create the most air resistance.

The children entered into the workshops around friendship with great maturity as they took part in role-playing scenarios, discussions, and activities. As part of the girls' workshop, the children also worked on a collaborative piece of graffiti art, which  will decorate the walls of the school hall.  The boys took part in their own workshops around mascilinity and gender sterotyping.  We do this because of the different issues and pressures boys and girls are under.  This is the only time we teach  genders separately.

The class topic has been based round the  Indus River Valley civilisation this term, which was an incredibly advanced ancient society for its time. The class have explored artefacts to draw conclusions about the civilisation, built their own artefacts, and were lucky enough to take part in a virtual tour led by a member of the British Museum. The topic has also informed several written pieces including an explanation text about trade in the Indus Valley as well as a recount of their learning during the virtual workshop.

IVC 3 work

The children have been encouraged to think flexibly about multiplication this term in maths, exploring the distributive law and various mental strategies to solve problems.

Maths work

Our focus this term in Art has been on developing our skills in the use of clay. The children created beautiful pots and cups using pinch and coil techniques. They then decorated their items with designs inspired by Indus Valley artefacts

Drama lessons continue to be a highlight for many, and the children have taken part in many improvisation activities as well as team-building games

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Designing pulley systems in Design and T.echnology 

The children demonstrated tremendous teamwork and problem-solving skills in their recent design and technology lesson as part of the 'Squashed Tomato Challenge.' They worked together to design a pulley system that could transport tomatoes safely down the 'mountainside of Nepal.' Despite a few casualties, the children were resilient and incredibly enthusiastic about finding a solution to this design problem

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Benin Brasses

While learning about Benin's rich artistic culture, the children explored the famous brasses, which revealed fascinating information about the society itself. The children gained an appreciation of how skilled and talented the people of Benin were as artists as they recreated the brasses using clay. The subjects of the artworks also revealed how Benin was a diverse and well-connected society as they also depict European traders.

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