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Highlights from Term 1

Mexican cooking

On Wednesday 12th September, Oak Class participated in a Great Mexican Bake Off event. 

We all had a fantastic morning and baked our own 'black bean and cheese empanadas'. 


A timeline of Mexican history

We created our own timeline of Mexican history using canvas and water colours. Here's a snapshot of a few of our creations. Do pop into our classroom to see the completed timeline.


year 5 and 6 have many challenges to face in learning this year. However, Being so close to the Ashdown forest makes us think of A.A Milne's words of wisdom.

Our motto(1)


Oak Class are learning about the circulatory system in Science in term 1.  In the spirit of hands on science investigations, Oak class have  dissected a sheep's heart to explore it's main features.

The class did fantastically well and discovered that animal hearts smell! 

In week two we looked at the main components of blood and created our own blood potions to help us remember each component. 


End of term bake-off

To help write our stories 'The Day of the Dead', Oak Class enjoyed immersing ourselves in some cooking. We all made 'Pan de muerto (Day of the Dead bread), an orange infused bread commonly eaten during the festival. We found that the addition of orange in the mixture created a lasting aroma that inspired us when we wrote our Day of the Dead stories.

Learning and growing together. Oak class sharing stories with the youngest members of St Michael's.

Term 2

This term Oak Class's learning has been split between World War One rememberance and then chocolate.

As it was one hundred years since the end of the First World War we spent time reflecting on this important historical event. 

We began by constructing our own war time street and learned about a street called 'Chapel Streetl' known as the bravest little street in England. We also laid a wreath in our local church and wrote poems reflecting on our learning. 




Oak Class began this topic of learning by a trip to a local chocolate maker in Tunbridge Wells. As you can imagine the class thoroughly enjoyed their morning. where they got to design, make and of course eat their own delicious chocolate. 

We have since learned where chocolate first originated, where Cacao trees grow and who first imported chocolate to Europe. 


Term 3 Survival

In the cold, bleakness of January, what better subject to learn than 'Survival'. Oak Class will be learning all about the polar regions of the Earth and learn about some famous expeditions too.

Here we all are on the first day back at school recreating a photograph of Ernest Shackleton's crew. 



Reading cafe

Oak class are avid readers and enjoy the opportunity to share their favourite books. Today we opened a reading cafe where we all enjoyed a range of new books. 



A-life workshops

On Thursday 17th of January, the whole school were visited by an organisation called A-Life. The aim was for our pupils to learn about healthy eating and the importance of exercise. 

Oak Class had a brilliant day and as you can see they all enjoyed every aspect of the circuit session.

Term 4 Evolution awaits Oak Class....

Author visit

On Friday 1st February, we were incredibly fortunate that the author Vashti Hardy was able visit our school.

Vashti is the author of Brightstorm and has inspired our class with her wonderful skyship adventure story.


Polar explorer workshop

On Wednesday 30th January we were visited by a STEM ambassador. Oak class were taught how to program a propellor using an ipad. 


Evolution topic

Ship Ahoy! We’re off on an exciting expedition with Charles Darwin and his crew on HMS Beagle. We will be tracing his route across the vast ocean and stop at the magical Galápagos Islands to see the amazing species that helped Darwin develop his theory of evolution by natural selection.

Do you know what’s so special about a lava
 lizard? Or why the blue-footed bird has blue 

We will see how animals adapt to their environment over time and meet some of the world’s greatest explorers too. 

Science teaching

This week Oak Class have discovered that it is possible to extract DNA from strawberries. Here we are making carefuly observations as scientists. 


Comic relief

For Comic Relieft this year, all pupils were encouraged to make or bring in a wacky hat and a red nose. Here we are having a quiet moment.  Shortly afterwards, we all dashed off to do some data handling about our most favourite red nose design. 

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