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Oak Class

Oak Class is our Upper Key Stage 2 class (Year 5 & 6 children). Mr Pinard teaches the class with Mrs Grimshaw and Mrs Rowland-Smith supporting the learning at various times across the week.  Teaching is carefully adapted in the class to prepare year 6 for transition to secondary school and ensure year 5 continue to develop their learning.

Our class novel this term is 'The Secrets of Vesuvius' by Caroline Lawrence. The story is set in Ancient Roman times in a place called Ostia. It is based around 4 children called Flavia, Jonathan, Nubia and Lupus and how they manage to escape from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

Learning and Teaching planned for the class

Term 5

In Term 5 we will be starting to look at the impact on Britain of an invasion linking back to our work in Term 1. We will unpick the reasons for the Roman invasion of Britain, the impact it had on Britain at the time and  the legacy on today's society. We will look at key figures at this time such as Boudicca and key constructions such as Hadrian's Wall. 

We will also look at Roman mosaics and the use of geometric patterns and shape. We will then look at how some more modern artists such as Klee, Kandinsky and Frost incorporated this into their own works.

Term 6

In Term 6 we will continue to look at the Romans and, in particular, at the technological developments that they gave to the world. We will focus, in particular, on aqueducts - looking at thier construction, why they were needed and the function they performed. We will then create our own 'aqueduct' to ensure the slow but steady movement of 'water' along its length.

We will then be looking at some of the places invaded by the Romans. We will compare modern day features of these countries such as how each one copes with different climate conditions.

Developing Maths Skills- Key Instant Recall facts

What are KIRFs?

To develop your child’s fluency and mental maths skills, we are introducing KIRFs (Key Instant Recall Facts) across the whole school. KIRFS are a way of helping your child to learn by heart key facts and information which they need to have instant recall of. 

KIRFs are designed to support the development of mental maths skills that underpin much of the maths work in our school. They are particularly useful when calculating, adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing. They contain number facts such as number bonds and times tables that need constant practise and rehearsal, so children can recall them quickly and accurately.

Previous learning from this school year. Lookthrough this to see some of the exciting things that we have already completed this school year.

DT in Term 4


Forest School

Term 1

During Term 1 we will be looking at how Great Britain ensured that there hasn't been another successful invasion since 1066. We will set this in context with a trip to Battle Abbey to see the site of the Battle of Hastings and a visit to Pevensey Castle to see how castles helped in defending the coastline from an attack. Through the term, we will look at other times when Britain was under threat and the ways that the British people developed defence systems.

We will spend time looking at art associated with these times and, in particular, those associated with World War 2 including work by Henry Moore and Edward Ardizzone. The children will then complete their own chalk/pastel picture.

In PE, this term, we will be developing defending and attacking skills through hockey ensuring that we hold hockey sticks correctly, can pass the ball accurately and tackle with care. We will also be practising our gymnastics techniques including balancing and working with a partner.

Term 2

During Term 2 we will look at how Britain has become a welcoming home to people from around the world. We will look at some of the differences between these countries and Britain. We will spend time looking at the cultures from these countries and the impact they have had on Britain today.

We will also look at how Britain has become more multicultural in society including the welcoming of different foods. We will investigate foods from different countries and create our own 'Come Dine with Me' meal.

Term 3

In Term 3 we will be looking at how technological development has also changed the shape of British (and world) society. We are fortunate enough to have a visit from someone at the cutting edge of technological development to explain how artificial intelligence can be of assistance in diagnosing issues and offering solutions. 

We will look at leading people in technolgical developments such as Hedy Lemarr and Steve Jobs and how their work has impacted on today's society.

Term 4

In Term 4 we will be looking at how technology has helped us to learn more about the world. We will look at the use of technology for mapping the world and providing a guidance system for travellers. We will look at modelling including how a 2 Dimensional map can be turned into a 3 Dimensional model on a computer.

We will also look at how technology has helped us to become more aware about global issues such as sustainability and how pollution and deforestation is having an affect on the world's resources.

Role Models for the school

The class are role models to the school and throughout the year undertake enrichment activities.  Below are the class developing their play leader skills with support for Beacon Academy.

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