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Oak Class (Year 5 and 6) Topic Webs 2019-20


This week the children enjoyed a range of improvisation, mime, and games to develop teamwork skills. Oak Class is full of budding actors, and Miss Carpenter is passionate about the benefits of drama. It builds confidence, helps develop language and communication skills, develops emotional intelligence, and assists physical development; the list goes on!

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Designing pulley systems in Design and T.echnology 

The children demonstrated tremendous teamwork and problem-solving skills in their recent design and technology lesson as part of the 'Squashed Tomato Challenge.' They worked together to design a pulley system that could transport tomatoes safely down the 'mountainside of Nepal.' Despite a few casualties, the children were resilient and incredibly enthusiastic about finding a solution to this design problem

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Benin Brasses

While learning about Benin's rich artistic culture, the children explored the famous brasses, which revealed fascinating information about the society itself. The children gained an appreciation of how skilled and talented the people of Benin were as artists as they recreated the brasses using clay. The subjects of the artworks also revealed how Benin was a diverse and well-connected society as they also depict European traders.

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