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Holiday Request Form for Withdrawal from Learning

Click on the icon to download the Withdrawl from Learning Form. We have a PDF and a version in word so it may be completed online and e-mailed to the school office. Please note it is very unlikley any request to withdraw children from learning will be authorised.  Across the year there are just 190 school days. That means there are already 175 days set aside for weekends, holidays, family visits and rewarding days out. We believe every school day counts to give your child the greatest opportunity of attaining a good education and to support a happy and healthy future.

With 175 days already marked out as ‘non-school-days’, you should have an exceptional reason to withdraw your child from school. The following are considered illegitimate reasons and are likely to be rejected and unauthorised:

  • Trips to visit family/friends;
  • Your child’s birthday;
  • Cheaper family holidays;
  • Tickets to sports/culture events.
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