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Silver Birch Class - Y3/4 2022-2023

Curriculum Information to give a flavour of learning

Our Class Novel


Our Class Novel is Oliver and the Seawig, this is about A a little boy that goes off in search of his missing parents. But before he can put his rescue plan into action there's the evil Stacey de Lacey.

 Miss Staples teaches Year 3 and 4 and believes in making lessons both exciting and interesting but also a memorable learning opportunities. This year our curriculum has a range of topic including Extreme earth, Ancient Egyptians, Anglo Saxons and Greek civilisation.

Miss Staples is also supported by Mrs Rowland Smith, who provides a valuable role for all of the children in Silver Birch Class in the mornings or afternoons.

These are some of our photos from a recent English lesson where we were investigating, like detectives on how Tutankhamun died. We were looking at clues and used these to write a speech about what each of us thought happened to King Tut, we then had to convince our peers on our findings.

In English this term we are focusing on the texts Tutankhamun, Egyptian Cinderella and Tadeo Jones. We use our skills and what we have learnt to write an extended piece of writing each week. This could be a fact file, a story, a diary entry, a newspaper article, amongst many other pieces of work.


During Term 2, we will look at Ancient Egypt, where we will start off by looking at who were the Ancient Egyptians. We will look at what life like in Ancient Egypt and compare it to our time now. We will also look  writing like an Egyptian by using  Hieroglyphs and compare this to our own writing. We will spend some time focusing on mummies and Tutankhamun. Finally we will look eat the different Egyptian gods and their different powers.

We will also look at using pneumatics to design our own pop up Egyptian mummy in Design and Technology. We will investigate air and look at demonstrations of making mechanical systems to design and make our own protype.

Reading In Silver Birch


.During Term 1, we will be looking at Extreme Earth. We will start off the term by looking at the Earth and what is under our feet, where we have a focus on the earth’s layers. We will follow on by looking at how Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Tornadoes are each formed and the devastation that it caused afterwards. 

We will also have an exciting school trip to Pevensey Castle and Battle Abbey for out History topic, where we will look at the battle between William the conquerer (the Norman)  and King Henry (the Anglo Saxon.)

Class Novel

 Our class novel this term is Abonimables which we read at the end of the day. This links to our topic Extreme Weather, It is a  charming fantasy about the rescue of an entertaining family group of Yeti and their transportation from the Himalayan Mountains to England in a frozen food lorry. It carries a strong message about the need for humans to leave nature alone and to protect the survival of all kinds of endangered species

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