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Silver Birch Class - Y3/4 2020-2021

Mr Pinard teaches Year 3 and 4 and firmly believes in combining hard work with extremely exciting and interesting learning opportunities. This year our curriculum is laden with thrilling topics including Dig a Little Deeper looking at life during the Stone Age, The Movies looking at how movies have changed over times including the locations in which they were filmed and Hundred Acre Wood looking at local history and geography.

Mr Pinard is also very ably supported by Mrs Grimshaw and Mrs Parsons, who provide a valuable supportative role for all of the children in Silver Birch Class on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings.

Key Information

The children are expected to read every night for at least 20 minutes. Over the course of the year, if the children do this, they will have read almost 2 million words. How amazing is that! Just think about how that will help them with so many other things.

They will also be expected to learn spellings and to practise Times Tables. To help them with this, they can use Times Tables Rockstars.

Hundred acre wood and ashdown forest term 6

Term 6 promises to be as exciting and as busy as every other term so far this year. We have Sports Day to enjoy as well as a team from our class representing the school with a Maypole Dance at the Withyham Village Fete. We will also be entering the Striking and Fielding Festival held at Beacon. 

This term, in class, we will continue to look at the Ashdown Forest and consider the environment and employment found there. We will also, in Science, continue to look at life processes and the relationship between animals and plants in a food chain and food web. We will link the two areas together to consider why Ashdown Forest is suitable for some plants and animals and not others.

We will have an exciting finish to the term looking at the art od MD Escher and creating our own repeating pattern in his style.


Term 5 is an interesting term for us all. As well as Mr Pinard teaching the class, we will have Miss Staples joining us. She is currently at the University of Sussex undertaking a PGCE.

We will be looking at the Ashdown Forest, thinking about where it is and the geography of the location. As well as this, we will be looking in detail at what plants and animals need to survive and linking this to the plants and animals that can be found at the forest. 

We will also be looking at Sikhism with the plan to finish the unit with our own langar and creating foods to taste. 

In PE this term we will be looking at athletics learning about sveral different running races as well as throwing activities such as javelin using our soft javelins. We will also start to learn dances for the maypole.


We will continue to look at the history of cinematography with a particular focus on the location of famous film-sets around the world. We will finish the story of The Invention of Hugo Cabret and compare the story with the filmed version of the book. In RE, we will look at the Easter story in detail with a special focus on why Good Friday is called good when it is the day that Jesus was crucified. 

During this term we will be swimming at Goldsmiths and have a trip panned for Wakehurst Place. This trip will lead in nicely to our work in Terms 5 and 6 as we will be looking at plants, how they grow and how they adapt to their environment.

at the movies term 3

During this term we will be looking at how cinematography has developed over time including the introduction of colour and sound. We will focus on key people within this area such as the Lumiere Brothers and Walt Disney. In science we will be looking at light including linking how we can trick the eye into thinking something is moving by quickly changing the images that it sees. 

dig even deeper term 2

We will continue to look at people from the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age with a particular focus on the village of Skara Brae. In science we will be looking at forces and linking this to everyday events such as how ships can carry loads without sinking and how a parachute can be adapted to land slowly and gently. We will also have a focus on the Christmas story including comparing what the bible tells us with the story that we know.

Dig a Little Deeper Term 1

During the Autumn term, Silver Birch Class will travel back in time to the Stone Age era. We will find out about life during this time and how the people survived. We will travel through the time looking at how it developed into the Bronze Age and then Iron Age. In science we will be looking at the properties of rock to help us understand some of the limitations that these people would have had and recognising how creative and clever their actually were.

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