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Curriculum Organisation

We have four classes at St Michael's, Reception and Year 1 often work as a unit sharing topics and practical learning experiences.

Our other classes are arranged as Years 1 and 2, Years 3 and 4, Years 5 and 6.  Classes are mixed age and this is managed through our two year learning cycles to ensure coverage of the National Curriculum.  To meet the needs of all learners teaching is adapted to support children that need more time  to understand a concept and stretch those that rapidly understand their learning. Below are links to the class web pages that show case current learning:

Acorn Class- Reception 
Elm Class- Year 1/2
Silver Birch Class- Year 3/4
Oak Class- Year 5/6

Pupil Voice 

We have a School Council who are involved in making decisions about how we run the school.  We are particularly looking at how we can develop imaginative play outside.  More information about this may be found on our OPAL web page

Curriculum Overviews

Reception are in a class on their own.  The overview of teaching may be found below. 

It is based on the document development Matters.

Our early years Curriculum in reception

Below are the curriculum overviews for our mixed age classes:  We follow a two year cycle of coverage to ensure all areas f leaning and knowldge are covered as part of every child's learning journey.

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