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The class teacher in Reception is Miss Brook.  Miss Brook is passionate about developing children who have a life long love of reading and who enjoy their time at school. In Acorn we use Continuous Provision to engage children in their learning and to enable them to have some control over the way they learn- we use interests which children express and then build on this to make their learning  tailored and engaging.Acorn Class is supported in their learning and play by Miss Ballard who has worked between Year 1 and 2 (Elm Class) and Reception for a number of years.

Throughout the year we work on developing the confidence of every child, making sure they feel part of both the classroom community but also that of the school community. This is achieved through integrated playtimes where they are able to mix with the entire school and through the buddy scheme where each child in matched with a child in Year 6 who supports them in their learning and also during lunch and play times.  This helps our children in Recpetion  become accustomed to life at school.

Part of our development in reading is done through a very special visitor, Chip, who comes to school once a week and reads with each child in the class over the term. Last year we began to use the Little Wandle phonics scheme and Reception were very lucky to recieve new Big Cat reading books which support reading development from Recption and into year 1 and 2.  We aim to make every child a lover of reading. 


In Acorn Class we learn primarily through play. Children initiate lots of their own learning around topics. These topics are carefully planned to give our children freedom of choice, whist still meeting the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage. 

This year we have the exciting opportunity to work alongside Elm Class (Year 1 and 2), giving us a more free flow approach.  In the morning we are joined by Year 1 for an English lesson before we have the opportunity for them to join us in expoloration and learning. In the afternoons we have our topic focused learning together before we move into Continuous Provision. This means we have the support of the older children during  learning activities

Below gives a flavour of learning in our Reception class

In Reception this is only our second term in school, so we continue to have a focus on building friendships and relationships within our class as well as the wider school community. We have weekly visits with our 'buddies' from Year 6 who come and join us in the class and support us in some learning activities.

This term our topic is Terrific Tales. We will be learning about traditional tales as well as some newer 'traditional tales' such as The Gruffalo. These books are excellent for us gaining an understanding of stories and their structure, repetition and rhyming. This term has a lot of events within it- Bonfire Night, Remembrance, Children in Need and Christmas (to only name a few!) so we spent time learning about these and why we celebrate them. This term we begin our Nativity rehersals, ready to perform to parents at the end of term.


Throught out the term we use a range of picture books to help us with our learning. We are going to be using the book Where the Poppies Now Grow by Hilary Robinson to help us begin to understand Remembrance and why we have our 2 minute silence. We are joining with Elm to learn about The Great Fire of London which we are going to use to help us learn about chronology and comparing and contrasting with how things are today, such as fire engines.

We are learning about the Christmas Story this term, which links nicely for us as we are now entering into Nativity season and are beginning our rehersals and learning the new songs alongside hymns for our carols at the church.


We follow the White Rose Maths Scheme. This term we are focusing on numbers- we are building on our previous learning to solidify our understanding within 5. We look at numbers in lots of different ways, within a group, as part and whole (e.g. 2 apples and 1 orange- there are 3 pieces of fruit), subitising (recognising the dice faces instantly and being able to recognise the layout of numbers). This links well with our learning from last term of patterns as we are able to use our pattern knowledge with our numbers as well as spotting patterns in our classroom and also in the natural world.

The brilliant thing in Early Years about maths is that it truly is all around us- in puzzles, in our drawings, in stories and in our play.


We have been learning about the weather and seasonal change, alongside Elm class. We have looked at temperature, wind and rain. We used thermometers to measure the temperature of different containters of water (which was linked to our learning about hot and cold colours as the red water was cold!). We also made our own anenometers which we took out on to the playground to measure the wind- we had to count how many turns it made in 10 seconds which then told us the wind speed. We also made our own rain gauges by cutting the top off of bottles, turning the top upside down and using it as a funnel for the water to fall in. We marked the starting place of the water so that we can then measure the increase in water.


Each child in Reception is paired with a child in Year 6, who becomes their 'buddy'. Before children start school their buddies send them a card to welcome them to the St Michael's community. When we are in school the buddies act as a great support for the Reception children as every week they come down to join us in the classroom and share stories and to share some of their experiences with us, such as teaching us new games or showing us how to do new things.

Throughout the year these relationships are maintained and children get to develop a great bond with their buddy and love it when they see them at playtime!

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