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Home learning w/c 11th January

At present, Tapestry appears to be struggling with the number of people accessing the website during the day. So that you are still able to access the resources while Tapestry is down, I will upload them here also. Hopefully, this is just a short-term fix and Tapestry will have more servers available soon! :)

I'm currently uploading the phonics inputs to YouTube as unlisted videos as I also seem to be unable to upload Tuesday's lessons to Tapestry 😶

Monday - https://youtu.be/0XBu_FnjYPo 

Tuesday - https://youtu.be/VvbBolHPo3U

As soon as I posted the videos to YouTube, Tapestry seemed to be fine! I have posted tomorrow's lesson there anyway as I'm likely to have jinxed it.

Wednesday - https://youtu.be/d3KpgZjZKyY

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