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Residential Visits Year 5 and 6

Residential Visits Year 5 and 6

Hindleap warren 2018

We started the day with a lot of rain and mud but also a lot of very excited children. We didn't let a little bit of a rain stop us having a great time doing team building activities. Then after a lunch of hot dogs and chips we got kitted up for a very busy afternoon! Some of the children conquered their fear of heights on the rock climbing wall and their fear of dark, small spaces on the very muddy obstacles course! Everyone had a go and had a lot of fun. We finished the day with a night walk where we were far too noisy to see any animals but having far too much fun to mind too much. Surprisingly, that hadn't quite tired the children out so we had a few late night giggles but managed to get enough sleep to wake up bright and breezy today!  Miss Prevett.

Today we have been really busy! The sun has been shining, which was welcomed and has meant we have been playing football and other games outside during break times. We started the day off with a hearty breakfast before heading off to the zip wire and archery.

After a lunch of jacket potatoes, we headed off to the pentagon, which was (for many) the favourite of the week so far, and some more challenging team building activities. Another great day of conquering fears for many and a lot of laughter along the way. Tonightwe will be holding a talent/comedy show and then hot chocolate before a good night sleep,  I hope! Miss Prevett

My goodness the children will sleep well tonight! We are all absolutely exhausted. Today started with another delicious breakfast of sausages, beans and cereal before we headed off to play some games in canoes in the pool or went on a creative adventure to the witches tree where the children heard old myths, created descriptions and even licked the tree. When we swapped over activities the other group did an Earth walk where they made brilliant, creative landscapes out of the leaves, twigs and other debris on the forest floor.

The pool canoes proved a huge success and everyone got fully involved. Surprisingly the best was yet to come! After lunch, the children all grouped together for a forest adventure. We played Hindleap and seek, made our way through the drop-bear territory with antlers on our heads and then trudged and climbed our way through a beautiful, muddy (rather deep in places) stream and waterfalls. Exclamations like: "I'm having the time of my life!" And "this is amazing!" made the rather wet walk back so worth it.

We are having dinner of battered pork or ragu tonight and then a calm, wind-down film before bed tonight. Some great memories were definitely made today. Miss Prevett

Today, we started the day with a continental breakfast of croissants and pain au chocolat. After, we made our way to bush craft in a slight drizzle. Luckily the first activity was making a shelter and each group made a fully-functional and unique shelter to keep them warm and dry. 

After a break of fresh badger wee (hot orange squash) and some freshly popped popcorn, we then set to work on creating our fires from scratch. Each group got a brilliant fire going despite the wet weather and we all roasted (and burnt) marshmallows in them. We then came back to baguettes for lunch and a quick game of football in the playground before orienteering. It was wonderful to see so many of the children so interested and everyone actively involved in the map reading activities. They even got the chance to go exploring on their own in a fun competition to find as many tags as possible using their maps. Afterwards, we had bbq chicken for dinner and then went for an evening swim. Everyone seemed to have a great time in the pool, playing on the floats, throwing the balls and splashing Miss Prevett until she was completely soaked. 

This evening it's safe to say the children are feeling a little tired. We have been to the tuck shop and had our hot chocolate and the children are winding down for bedtime now. The week has gone so quickly and some of us can't quite believe it's sadly our last night here at Hindleap. Miss Prevett

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